AirPods vs AirPods 2 : quelles différences ?

AirPods vs AirPods 2:what are the differences?

Apple has just announced the second generation long awaited from its AirPods. The Apple brand updates its fully wireless headphones. How are they different? We answer your questions. They are distinguished by their specific characteristics and the integration of new tips. Nevertheless,, some details remain the same . 


No one has ever complained about how slow AirPods are when pairing with another device. However, that hasn't stopped Apple from making some improvements. Its new H1 chip, which replaces the W1 chip, will be twice as fast . This is a huge benefit for people« switching from one device to another ». 

The H1 chip also offers 1.5x faster connection time for phone calls. During the games she reduces latency by 30% . As the American company did not praise progress in sound quality, the new generations should offer the same sound as their predecessors. They faithfully reproduced the different lines. 

Apple also highlights 50% more conversation . The battery life has not changed, a single charge guarantees 5 hours of use. 


Both AirPods look like two drops of water except for one detail. Yes, there is an LED indicator on the front of the charging case. Its presence simplifies verification . The previous two methods are longer. Owners should open the case cover, bring their iPhone closer and read the information on the screen. The other way is to use the Batteries widget on their phone.

AirPods always combine the white and silver tones . Apple doesn't offer any color options, despite fans' wishes. In terms of dimensions and weight, the two devices appear identical.

Special features

Siri and the charging box are the two main differences between the two models. You will no longer need to double-tap the headphones to activate the digital assistant. You will say Dis siri and he is at your service. This evolution is very useful if your hands are busy. When you hold an umbrella orou when you drive for example . 

The new AirPods come in two models. The former come with a standard case, it offers 24 hours of battery life . The latter benefit from a case using a wireless charging system. The difference is found in the price. The second option costs 229 euros , or 50 euros more. The new case is also offered at 89 euros.


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