L'impact du reconditionnement sur l'environnement

The impact of reconditioning on the environment

A refurbished iPhone is another small gesture for the environment.

    The production cycle of smartphones is harmful to the environment, particularly in terms of:mineral extraction, transport, use as well as the end of the phone's life. According to ADEME, only 15% of end-of-use phones are collected and at least 30 million phones lie dormant in our drawers. For the rest, they are destroyed and this constitutes a real ecological danger.

    More than fifty metals go into the composition of the iPhone. Object of alloys, these metals that make up the iPhone are often difficult to recycle and can be dangerous for human health and the environment.

    So rather than succumb to this form of programmed obsolescence that is the fashion of the latest phones, choose a refurbished iPhone and do something for the environment!

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