Une année d'innovation : AirPower, AppleTV+, Apple Card

A year of innovation:AirPower, AppleTV+, Apple Card

Apple had its March event with its usual hardware updates. But, it was also the start of a new type of Apple event launching many new Apple services.

Let's say it directly. Yes, Apple rolled out a plethora of new hardware updates in March 2019, and yes, Apple launched huge new services including Apple News+ and Apple TV+. But it also canceled AirPower.

The cancellation of Apple's wireless charging mat was unusual. We know of projects that have been killed over the years, but this was an extremely rare case of public cancellation.

You can say - and many people have - that Apple's mistake was to preview the AirPower in September 2017.

We seem to be getting more previews from Apple than before, but you have to assume the company was certain it was going to release AirPower. That trust seemed to falter in 2018 when all mentions were abruptly wiped from Apple's website.

In a way, the Apple Card was the closest thing to a regular Apple release. It's even hardware if you count the titanium card itself.

It must be said that from what we have seen, the Apple Card has many advantages. Perfect integration with the iPhone Wallet application, clear tracking of expenses, cashback system to recover money with each transaction, minimalist design Apple's presentation is a dream. If Goldman Sachs, Apple's partner, suggests that the Apple Card will eventually arrive internationally, it may actually be much more complicated..

A busy year 2019, so that the apple firm prepares us for the year 2020 This will be the subject of a future article ;-))

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