The TechDeal Box

The TechDeal teams are proud to present our Box offer! In the program:

  • The Mini Box:3 standard accessories among those sold on our online store at €19.99 per box! No subscription, available for immediate payment, delivered within 10 days!
  • The TechDeal Box:5 accessories every 3 months among those sold on our store including Apple brand accessories with free delivery! Without commitment, you can decide to stop your subscription at any time. You will receive your Box TechDeal every 3 months, between the 15th and the 20th day of the month. At the price of €24.99 per month, you will receive 20 accessories over the year for a total amount of €299.88. TechDeal guarantees you accessories corresponding to the minimum total amount of €299.88 over the subscription year. You will therefore receive accessories worth at least your investment for the year! Direct debits are made once a month, until your request for termination, which must be explained by email to the

BOX offers will be available from 2020.

Box TechDeal